General Manager Application Process


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    General Manager Application Process

    Post by The Brick Wall on Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:50 pm

    In order to have the chance to become a general manager you must first complete an application. In order to do so, please create a thread in this category. The title of the thread should simply be the name that you use on the HHL forums. Then copy/paste the following questions and answer in your thread. Even if you submit an application, you still must sign up for the season one draft. If you do not sign up for the draft, you will not be selected as GM.

    How long have you played haxball?

    Why did you join HHL?

    What other leagues have you played in and for how long?

    Why do you think you should be selected as GM?

    Will you be available during all game times (9pm EST on Friday and Saturday)?

    Do you intend to be a playing or non-playing GM?

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